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Published: 02/25/2009 9:12PM
I love wearing earrings, especially in the summer. This is why I decided to begin a new collection of beautiful, unique earrings that fit my personality and my mood. This collection includes my first drafts, so don't be too judgmental. I am sure that it will get better as I get the hang of jewelry making.

To begin making earrings, all you need is: earwires which are kind of like hangers for the ears (I use silver and French style); head pins or eye pins to put the beads on easily; jump rings or split rings to connect different parts of my earring; beads (I usually use real stones like turquoise, amber, etc); and charms to make that earring special. Also out of tools, I use roundnose pliers to twist the ends of head pins to make loops.
Trendy Sailor is made from an old silver charm necklace, glass beads, pearls, and clay pellets. I also used silver wire and chains to decorate it.
Trendy Sailor - Helm
Trendy Sailor - Anchor
The Gothic Couple is a pair that belongs together. These earrings remind me of the couple from the movie "Corpse Bride".
The Gothic Bride
The Gothic Groom
This earring I called Ballerina. It has amber, shell, and glass beads. It is decorated with a bronze charm. I hope you like it!
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Hobbymates' Comments:
oyahuasca   06/08/2009 10:56PM
there are a lot of us in this world!

dipwad50   05/21/2009 10:59AM
I really like that you make the earrings for your own personality. Didn't know there were more people like me out there. LOL

oyahuasca   03/02/2009 12:35AM
They are a bit heavy which might be uncomfortable, but beauty hurts and you can expect earrings with so many little things to be light unless its made from plastic.

You actually just gave me an idea.. for my next collection i will try to use more feathers


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   January 29 2009
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