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Home   Arts and Crafts  Quilting  Help Needed
Published: 05/24/2009 1:02AM
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Hobbymates' Comments:
Raggedygal   06/16/2009 12:49AM
Hi louie, Interesting idea....I will give it a try. Thank you.

louie   06/13/2009 3:40PM
PP is difficult for me as I have limited use of one hand--so I cut freezer paper , and iron used fabric softner sheet on it.. & copy the pattern on my copy machine ,the soft pattern is then peeled of the fp...after sewing the block you don,t have to remove the sotner sheet.

Raggedygal   06/13/2009 1:40AM
Maary Jo.....for me, doing a crazy quilt, it isn't so much a matter of designing as it is picking out pretty fabric, cutting squares and triangles and start sewing them together, usually using a 6 or 9 inch muslin square as a base. When corners or edges stick out, they are either covered with lace or trims and then trimed evenly and the squares stitched together. I use scraps that I accumulate as a rule with the backing fabric specially purchased. I did a Victorian vest, using a pattern about 5 years ago, lost the pattern in moving, thus my original question here on the paper piecing. There is a good book called "Quilting l0l" that is sold at JoAnn Fabrics that is pretty good. Try designing one square as practice. If it works, do more. If not, make necessary changes and make another. Good luck. Sorry I'm not much help

Mary Jo   06/12/2009 3:33PM
How does someone DESIGN a quilt and know it will work?

Raggedygal   05/26/2009 11:00PM
Thanks, again, Lauri, for the additional information. Am now practicing to make a Victorian crazy-quilt type vest in pastels.
Jo Anne

Lauri   05/26/2009 10:46AM
I forgot to include the name English paper piecing. That's the method that bastes the fabric to the paper shapes for hand stitching. You can remove the paper pieces after stitching the pieces together. That's how some of the wonderful quilts are done using thousands of tiny shapes like hexagons!

Raggedygal   05/25/2009 11:38PM
Lauri, thank you very much for the information - excellent...will start practicing.
Jo Anne

ABC Machine Embroidery Designs   05/25/2009 10:35AM
I found on the internet the following tutorial: "Practice Paper Piecing":


It seems pretty clear tutorial.

Lauri   05/24/2009 3:13PM
There are 2 different techniques called paper piecing. One is basting fabric to precut paper shapes, then stitching the individual pieces together. The other is actually foundation paper piecing. The quilt block is printed on paper, and you sew the fabric to the paper on the printed lines, in the correct order, flipping and pressing and trimming the fabric as you go. The paper holds the fabric while you continue to cover it with fabric. Then when the block is completed, you tear away the paper from behind the fabric. This is good technique when you're making intricate blocks, and especially helpful for sewing small blocks. If you search the words online, you'll find sources for both, and different ways to do them.

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