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Published: 05/21/2009 8:13AM
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Hobbymates' Comments:
Lilas   01/28/2010 9:01AM
I began 5 years ago and I didn't know about that at this time. I learned by my self and I have to learn more today to create better embroideries to stitch out with my Husqvarna Viking Diamond.

I don't know your embroidery machine. Some websides offer tutorial to help you. You just have to search on internet. Each software is different to use but you can realize your embroideries just like the others do.

Excuse my english I speak french

have a good day

Zoey   01/27/2010 3:59PM
Hello. I jusy joined this club. I wanted to know how you got started digitizing? I would like to learn how, but I don't where to start. I find it very challenging and interesting. I am bearly learning how to embroider, but my machines don't always want to co-operate! I have a White 4400, and a Singer Futura.

Lilas   05/24/2009 7:50AM
Yes Realymne I digitized all those embroideries.
Have a good day

RaeLynne   05/23/2009 2:51PM
Your projects are great. Did you digitize your embroideries yourself? Keep up the good work.

Lilas   05/23/2009 8:00AM
Thanks for your commentaries they are very appréciate.

Il you would like to see my website in English just clic on English flag. I created in two languages.

About me:
I live in Québec (Canada) an my city is Québec.

I began to sew when I was 15 years old an now I'm 56 years old.

Now my hobby is only with my embroideries softwares Bernina, Embird and Husqvarna. I don't sew very often now I prefer to do some little projects. I am not working anymore because of my helthe. But I have a very good spirit and a good attitude. I like to laugh.

Have a good day

ABC Machine Embroidery Designs   05/22/2009 9:47AM
I like it too, especially "sandals".
Absolutely gorgeous.

leylena   05/22/2009 9:42AM
Your site is amazing. I like it very much, especially embroideries. They are so nice, fresh and original.
I don't read French. Can you tell a little about you and your site

leylena   05/22/2009 9:42AM
Of course, five!!!

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