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Published: 08/26/2009 6:59AM
making hand-made paper/card..

i've been making my own cards for a number of years and always loved the hand-made papers - they're so unique, but also quite expensive, so i decided to make my own!

so far, i've really only been recycling paper, but am now also sourcing plants and foods that i can use for dyeing the paper as i make it. also, i'm researching into making my own papers from plant fibres.

i'm having a lot of fun with it, but i think there is such a thing as "too much paper" - now i need to craft a few things into gifts for friends and family (they always such nice things, so i feel safe in offering my efforts to them =)

i made some little notebooks from some of my earlier papers, as it was more like cardboard thickness. the little discs on the front are made from the foil seal on cans of Milo - cutting them to size and using the same techniques used for copper art etc.
this little booklet has a "post-it notes" pad tucked inside the cover, the spine of the cover allows a pencil or pen to be slipped into a holder.
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Hobbymates' Comments:
tuesday   09/03/2009 3:18AM
this week i made a photo album with matching card and envelope for my neice's engagement present.


tuesday   09/03/2009 2:12AM
thankyou very much.

ichizen   09/01/2009 11:21PM
is not it lovely?

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