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Published: 05/24/2009 3:00PM
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Hobbymates' Comments:
Terry Peters   07/23/2011 2:11PM
I also embroider on tp but I wrap it in white netting. I take a large square of the netting, place the embroidered tp in the center and gather it together above the tp. I secure it with a narrow ribbon the same color as the embroidery. I also embroider on soap and wrap it the same way. I put the tp, soap and a guest towel with the same design in a basket as a special hostess gift.

Just another way of doing tp. Terry

Just another choice.

Lauri   06/09/2009 9:35PM
The embroidery is just on the outside layer. I guess most people would just leave it on display and hope no one uses it! If you need to use the roll, the outside layer with the emb on can be removed and saved to decorate another roll. I've been tearing off 5 sheets to emb on the center one of the 5, and then wrapping it around a roll. I put clear plastic wrap over the roll when I give it away. So it would be up to you whether you use the roll or just save it for decorating the bathroom. I made a set for my mother in law to put out when she has her bridge club at her house- a tp roll and towel with the words, Let's play bridge! and little hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds. It gets laughs.

terrieb63   06/06/2009 6:47PM
what do you do with it when you start the roll

terrieb63   06/06/2009 6:47PM

Stephanie   06/06/2009 6:43PM
Is it only the first sheet you embroider, or a covering for the whole roll. I am intrigued by this!!!

Lauri   05/26/2009 10:34AM
To emb on the tp, I hoop some stabilizer, lightly spray it with adhesive spray, and center the tp on the hoop. Some tp's are too thin, you have to experiment with different brands. Some designs are too dense, so you have to be careful. I cut the stabilizer away in back after emb'ing, or leave it on and cut it to the same size as the "square" the emb is on. It wraps around the roll easily.

ABC Machine Embroidery Designs   05/25/2009 10:29AM
How did you embroider on the toilet paper?
Or it is only on the plastic warping?

pambothma   05/25/2009 1:55AM
Pretty and unique gift

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