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Published: 01/30/2009 10:00PM
There are different kinds of sports. Each sport consist of its own particular activity; type of training, particular muscles which have to be specially trained, different things and stuff that is being used while doing any kind of sport.
My favorite sport is tennis. It’s a really beautiful sport. But to reach that level where it becomes beautiful you have to work really hard, you have to work on your strokes so they will be so accurate and so smart that your opponent won’t even know where they will go. You have to work on your legs so they will be fast and light. And you have to work on your shoulders to have a strong serve which will also help you to win or just improve your game.
If you play tennis you also have to know about the surface you are going to play on and prepare for each of them in a different way. One of my favorite surfaces is hard (hard court). It’s a very fast court and playing on that type of surface you have to be very quick, to have a very good serve and a very good return of serve. It’s a kind of court when the ball comes back to you faster, which means you have to prepare for the shot much faster and your legs have to be really quick.
The second surface I like is called “green clay”. If some of you ever played tennis you probably had heard of “red clay”. Well, “green clay” is a bit faster. To play on that kind of surface first you have to be very patient as the court is slow and the ball comes back to you slower, second your legs have to be fast and even sometimes when you see that the ball is very far from you, you can use sliding instead of running to that ball. Power on that type of court is not needed; the main thing is to be smart, playing a smart game. And playing a smart game usually means changing the pace and the height of the shot. Also on the clay courts you don’t need to have a very strong serve, but you have to place the ball to the corners or to the tee which is a line in the middle of the court. And I can tell you that the best shot or if you want the most useful shot on the slow court is called “drop shot” which is literally the shot you drop or rather hit very close to the net and as we know that the court is slow we understand that the ball practically “dies” once it hits the ground.
Each player has his own type of game: it can be a “hitter” who just hits the ball very hard and who can be very easily beaten on the slow court, a “runner” who has very fast legs and who is very patient and can be a very difficult opponent on the slow surface, a “pusher” basically the player who can’t suggest his own game, a “fighter” which already tells you that person will not give anything away and will fight till the very end. That kind of player is especially hard to play against on the slow or not fast surfaces. But the most difficult player to compete with is a “smart” player because that kind of player can do anything on any kind of surface.
But although every sport has its own particular way of doing it, all the sports have one thing which makes the same sense in all of them and it’s “Mentality”. In every sport, every sportsman has a goal. The goal that they train for, the goal that they see in their dreams every day and the goal that motivates them to be able to do more than they think they can.
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Hobbymates' Comments:
Greg Vladi   01/31/2009 5:34PM
great project. a couple things that I do disagree however on is that you do not nessercarily need power for clay courts. depends what level but power is preferred, but can be power such as spin and/or slice. the power that clay requires is stamina to stay out there and grind down your opponents.

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