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Published: 02/05/2009 1:52PM
Simple picture analysis will show exactly what i mean:
some of top 10 men:

fed,nadal, verdasco, and to an extent nalbandian all have almost straight elbows during hit. This allows for a more fluid hit, less strain on your shoulder, and more reach - among other things.

some women:

why do you think sharapova is having shoulder issues - because if ur elbow is bent like that, and you accelerate with your body, your rotary cuff (which is what will take the hit) will not be able to stand the sudden force at the end of your stroke.

I can explain using physics how it is better to have a stroke which ends up as extended as possible, but just take my word for it.

So my question, is if everyone in the world sees how the best players (and players who are among the best, or soon to be among the very best like verdasco), have an extended forehand, why do they continue hitting the ball the way they do?

[also, hitting, ending with a straight elbow, means that you are getting most of the force transfered through your pectoral muscle (which has a much wider range of motion than the rotary cuff)]

I'm saying that people should be taught differently - but i constantly see tennis-channel academy vids with juniors learning to hit with their elbows bent

No it doesn't give u more top spin with western grip - look at rafa...western grip, straight arm, more spin than anyone can handle ...quite literally
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Hobbymates' Comments:
Greg Vladi   02/06/2009 3:40PM
btw federer does not always have a straight elbow, it depends what shot, placement, exc, so elbow nothing to do with it, its more elbow in front, a little higher then waist, legs and through the ball, lots of aspects

Greg Vladi   02/06/2009 3:37PM
the reason they are is simple. discipline, coaches not available, or coaches available and it being too late! because muscle memory with a forehand for 5 years is very difficult to correct.
but I do understand what you mean. Obviously the strokes federer, djokovic have require less effort, and easier overall.

carrotstien   02/05/2009 10:32PM
Results don't mean good technique. You could theoretically have a player play tennis with the side of his racket and win slams - it would be harder than winning 20 lotto's in a row, but not impossible. Would you then say that it's ok?
Many people learn to write improperly (holding a pen-wise), and then end up having fine penmanship - but, they just don't know how much more effort they are putting into it than those who learn correctly.
What I am asking is why new juniors are still learning it the bent elbow way when it is obviously the technique-wise less correct stroke?

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